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Welcome to JQ Spa, where you can enjoy total rejuvenation with our professional spa and massage services. Located in Yishun, we invite you to indulge in one of our signature spa and massage services.


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Featured Spa & Massage Services

Aromatic Hot Essential Oil Massage

Aromatic hot essential oil massage therapy is a series of hands-on techniques which increase circulation, relieve tension, reduce stress, reduce pain, relieve anxiety, improve sleep, & promote relaxation throughout the entire body.

Chinese Style Massage

Chinese traditional full-body acupressure and healing massage technique that originated from ancient China with a long history of five thousand years and has been gaining popularity for its therapeutic effects.

Ovary Therapy

Ovary massage therapy comes with massage technique which great to draw oxygen-rich blood to your ovaries. By improving circulation, it helps cure congestion in this vital area of your reproductive system. Rub your palms together to warm them. 

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I can shared is that they are professional and the masseur is very awesomeness especially kay is best of the best and I will visit this place again. The room is clean and smoothing.
Steven Tan